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We ensure that children are offered a well-balanced and nutritious diet. Meal times are viewed as a social occasion.  Children are encouraged to say please and thank you and to use cutlery if appropriate. Also, we encourage the older babies to feed themselves.  There is always a vegetarian option and our menus are posted up in the entrance hall for you to see. The menus are changed weekly so that your child will get the opportunity to try a wide variety of foods. When your child begins attending Nursery you will be asked about their cultural background, dietary requirements, allergies and food preferences. We will cater for these requirements. Lunch is a two course meal and tea is usually less 'filling', as many parents like their child to join in with their evening meal at home. Water is freely available throughout the day. A sample daily menu is given below.

Morning snack:   Toast, crumpets or muffins with water or milk

Lunch:                 Chicken pie, mash, vegetables and gravy

                             Vegetarian option – Vegetable Pie

Followed by

 Jam sponge with custard

Afternoon snack/ Tea –Tuna sandwiches, Fresh Fruit, Cherry tomato with water or Juice


We take all allergies very seriously and ask that you work in close co-operation with us to ensure your child's health and well being. You must inform us of any foods you do not wish your child to eat for cultural, religious or dietary reasons.
These foods will be replaced with an alternative from the same food group (if appropriate) to ensure a healthy balance. Whilst recognising the nutritive value of nuts, it is nursery policy that nuts are not served in any foods. Wishes Day Nursery Staff do not eat or handle nuts whilst on the premises.

Parents of babies and toddlers will receive details of what their child has eaten in their diary. Please discuss any dietary concerns with your child's room leader.



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