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Fees, Holidays and Sickness.

 Fees are due monthly in advance. We do ask that fees are paid promptly and in full. Fees are still payable if your child is absent from nursery as we need to keep your place open and maintain staffing ratios. You are entitled to One weeks holiday per year (which you in crew your days), however we require a month notice to take these holidays free of charge. A child may be excluded from the nursery at any time if fees are unpaid. The right is reserved to charge interest on unpaid fees.

Fee Increases

 Fees are subject to a reasonable increase from time to time; fees are reviewed on an annual basis usually in September, which may result in an increase. Parents/ carers will always be given one months notice of an increase in their fees.

Withdrawing a Child

One month written notice must be received by the nursery manager before the child is withdrawn from the nursery. This is also required for children who are leaving to start school.



If your child is taken ill whilst at nursery, we will contact you/other numbers you have given on registering. Our staff all hold first aid qualifications, but we are not equipped to look after sick children. If, however, we feel the illness is serious and merits immediate attention, we will take your child to hospital/call an ambulance and remain there until you arrive. It is important therefore that you keep us updated with relevant contact numbers and health information, especially regarding allergies, immunisations, conditions and any treatment your child must not receive. Please do not send your child to nursery if s/he is unwell with a temperature, diarrhoea or vomiting. After a stomach upset, we ask that your child is kept at home for at least 48 hours after the last incident or for two clear nappies. If there is an outbreak of an infectious illness, we will display signs in nursery to warn parents to be alert for symptoms. With the welfare of the other children in mind, there are minimum periods of exclusion from nursery which must be observed - we are happy to advise you of these.



Wishes Day Nursery will administer certain types of medication to your child, provided that you give us written permission to do so. It is the parent's responsibility to ensure that sufficient medication is kept at the nursery and to order repeat prescriptions as necessary. Parents are also welcome to come into nursery to administer their child's medicine by negotiation with the room leader.
A register is kept of all medication administered and parents/staff will sign each entry in the medication sheets.

In the case of certain medical conditions, we are unable to accept a child into nursery unless the staff are equipped to deal with the child's needs, therefore entry may be deferred until relevant staff training has been carried out.

When registering your child, your permission is sought for application of sun cream (SPF30+) and administration of liquid paracetamol. If it is necessary to give your child 'Calpol', we will try to contact you first in all but very serious cases, when you would be informed afterwards and asked to collect your child.
Upon request, we will apply teething gel and nappy rash creams (for a short period of time and at our discretion). Parents are asked to supply this and to give their written consent. 


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